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    ADD:Room 101, Building 33, No. 77 Dongfang East Road, Economic
    Development Zone, Changzhou
    Contact:Mr Xin
        Ruikun company's mian products include:the PC intellectual ultrasonic lace machine,ultrasonic quilting machine(pattern pressing compound machine),non-thread sewing machine,ultrasonic plastic welding machine,ultrasonic spot welder,flower punching machine,multifunctional pleat machine,univrsal feeing embroidery machine,ultrasonic cutting machine,respirator-making machine,and other ultrasonic special machine.
        The company is engaged in the development and research of ultrasonic application equipments for many years with the management tenet of science first and customers superior,so far,our products include:ultrasonic lace machine,quilting machine,spot welding machine and no thread sewing machine.Among them,the ultrasonic lace machine is deeply poprlar with many customers for its wide application range and strong product features.it is widely used in many fields of napkin,tablecloth,curtain,bed cover,art omaments,hair decoration hair decoration cllips and clothes auxiliary materials owing to its special function.
        We have abundant machine on hand.The special θquipments can be manufacrured in accordance with the special demands of the customers.In adddition,we carry on the business of lace processing and complete qualify monitoring system.The products are sold for to the countries and regions such as Hong Kong,Singapore,Indonesia,Japan,Italy,Vietnam,Russia, S.Africa,Turkey,Taiwan,France,Iran and India,which enjoys good popularity with the customers.
        Our managing principle:sincerity&deal with concrele mantters relating to work,taking market as our gulde and paying attention to quality,Our striving target:creative&developing,exceed ceaselessly,Welcome users both abroad and domestic to establish long-term friendly cooperation relationship with us.
    RS-60 Lace Machine
    RS-60 Lace Ma...
    RS-60 Lace Machine
    RS-60 Lace Ma...
    RS-60 Lace Machine
    RS-60 Lace Ma...
    RS-100 Lace Machine
    RS-100 Lace M...
    RS-160 Lace Machine
    RS-160 Lace M...
    RS-180 Lace Machine
    RS-180 Lace M...
    RS-200 Lace Machine
    RS-200 Lace M...
    ultrasonic spot welding machine
    ultrasonic spot we...
    non-woven fabric mechanism series
    non-woven fabric m...

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    ADD:Room 101, Building 33, No. 77 Dongfang East Road, Economic Development Zone, Changzhou   TEL:0519-83358288  FAX:0519-83263576  P.C.:213000
    Technical Support:Ydoo   ICP:09025950

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